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Set up your company in Romania !

To operate a business in Romania it is necessary to set up a company.

The company can be either public or private, having a limited liability or unlimited. Different requirements are imposed by the law in each case.

The most popular and widely used is Private Limited Liability Company (SRL) which can be set up by at least one person/associate and maximum 50. In this case the minimum share capital is set by the law to ROL 2,000,000 (~ US$ 85). This company cannot issue shares or bonds and cannot be listed on the stock exchange.

The second most popular is Public Limited Liability Company (SA). This company is a more complex structure requiring at least 5 shareholders and a minimum share capital of ROL 25,000,000 (~ US$ 1085). The shareholders have also to nominate 3 auditors, who require paying and education in accounting. This kind of company can issue shares and offer them to the public.

The share capital can be either in Romanian currency or in hard currency. The capital can also be made of assets/goods or property. In this case, the assets or the property have to be evaluated by an official auditor nominated by the Judge of the Registry of Commerce.

In both types of company the responsibility of the company is limited to their existing assets, but if there are no assets, the shareholders will have to pay up to the value of the share capital.

The legal requirements are the same for setting up any company and they include:

  1. Title to the office (which has to be at the same address as the registered office and cannot be a PO Box). The office has to be in Romania. Such title could be either property title or renting contract;
  2. Notarized statements of the shareholders and/or managers that they do not have criminal records;
  3. The Articles of Incorporation, notarized.

The procedure to set up the company between 7 days and one month.

Due to the complexity of the process it would be advisable for the investor to look for professional assistance.

For details on this matter please contact our office at mailto:next@fx.ro





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